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Our Story

Our company founder, Eugene Pirolli, along with his wife, Kathleen, established the company in 1971. Eugene came from a background in mechanical repair of printing equipment. In 1971, Eugene came across an old 1250 Multilith printing press that was going to be junked. He decided to bring that press into the basement of his home and rebuild it. Upon completion of the repairs, Pirolli Printing was born. He kept his full-time job by day, but at night the basement facility was producing print jobs.

Kathleen handled the billing, bill collecting, and soliciting for new business. Together they raised six children, and the young ones learned the business by helping in various ways, such as running the press, collating, and other bindery processes.

In 1982 Eugene’s principal workplace closed down, which put him out of work, along with two of their sons, who were also employed at the same place. This was during an economic recession, so it was a bad time to open a business. They took the opportunity to rent a small store, which was part of a group of stores on Browning Road in Bellmawr, and opened a shop. In those early years, our service area included the surrounding towns of southern New Jersey and Philadelphia. Starting with only a couple of small presses, then adding a darkroom, and then a mid-size press, the operation quickly expanded its capabilities. As the printing facility expanded, the print shop grew to include two more units in that row of stores.

It soon became apparent that a larger place was needed, so in 1985 the operation was moved into a dilapidated building about a mile down the road that was for sale. Then the real work followed as we worked to make the new building presentable while keeping the business functioning. It took lots of blood, sweat, and tears, but we are proud of what we have accomplished.


Since our beginning in 1971, much equipment has been added & retired in order to keep up with the ever-changing technology. Eugene passed away in 2015, at the age of 82. Three of the children grew up to manage the print shop along with other skilled workers, both family & friends. That original restored Multilith remains a part of our operation and stands as a symbol of perseverance and hard work.

In March 2017, we merged with Bantle’s Banners & Signs from Barrington, NJ. This significant achievement helped us better our skills in the apparel & signs industry so we may serve our customers with nothing but the best quality.

Today our craftsmen produce quality graphics at competitive prices. This experience and attention to detail work for you, whether your marketing needs are simple or more complex.

Our facility features up-to-date equipment and offers on-premises design. Online ordering solutions are available to increase ordering efficiency, such as web-to-print as well as corporate portals. Our staff members are available to offer practical advice and workable solutions to your questions and problems. Equally important, you can rely on Pirolli Printing to deliver your job exactly as specified.